Hans-Benjamin Braun

Research Interests

Condensed matter theory, topology and magnetism, quantum spin models, nanoscale magnetism, stochastic magnetization dynamics, limits of data storage

Biographical sketch

My research interests include topological spin textures in magnetism such as skyrmions, vortices, and domain walls. Such stable spin textures are promising candidates for future information storage and processing. My interests also include quantum spin transport including specific predictions for measuring related hidden correlations in novel neutron scattering or synchrotron x-ray scattering experiments. Recent results include the creation of emergent electric fields created by moving hedgehog spin textures, the purely dynamical stabilization of skyrmions, and monopole-like topological defects in spin  ice systems.


2016 - 2019 Professor in Theoretical Physics, UCD

2007 - 2016 Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics, UCD

2004 - 2007 Lecturer in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics

2003 - 2004 Visiting Lecturer, Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH-Zürich, Switzerland

2002 - 2003 Visiting Scientist, Institut Laue-Langevin Grenoble, France and TUM Munich, Germany

2001 - 2001 Visiting Scientist, Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences, NYU, New York

1996 - 2002 Senior Research Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland

1994 - 1996 NSERC Canada-International Fellow, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

1993 - 1993 Research Scientist at the Center for Magnetic Recording Research (UCSD), UC San Diego

1992 - 1994 Research Scientist at the Department of Physics, UC San Diego (UCSD)

1987 - 1991 Research Assistant in Theoretical Physics at ETH-Zürich (Switzerland)


2014 IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer


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