Alberto is a PhD student of Solar Physics working under the supervision of Prof. Peter Gallagher and Dr. Eoin Carley with a Scholarship granted by the Irish Research Council. His main area of research involves using Nasa's Parker Solar Probe (PSP), the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) and soon ESA's Solar Orbiter (SO) to study type III radio bursts coming from the solar corona.

Before starting his PhD, Alberto obtained Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, Physics with Astronomy from Dublin City University and a Masters degree in Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management and Fluid-Structure Interaction granted by Imperial College London.

Alberto has also worked for companies such as Astrium (Airbus Defence and Space) and Activision Blizzard and also was part of the team that built the I-Lofar telescope in Birr Castle. Alberto did his first research projects at Notre Dame University studying Cataclysmic Variables and at TU Berlin, writing software for manufacturing purposes.

In his free time, Alberto enjoys photography and has published images in, Astronomy Ireland Magazine, Lonely Planet, Trinity News and Smithsonian Mag among other.

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies was founded in 1940 for the purpose of doing research in advanced areas of Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics and Celtic Studies. While being publicly funded, it remains an independent institution. DIAS has made important contributions to astronomy projects from studying lunar rocks brought by the Apollo missions to building instruments for the James Webb Space Telescope. One of DIAS' most notable physicists is Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger who made radical contributions to quantum mechanics.

Trinity College Dublin is a University located in the heart of Dublin and was founded in 1592. TCD's is one of the top research institutions in the world having contributed with excellence in many fields, includying Phyiscs. Some of the most notable physicists is Nobel Prize Laureate Ernst Walton inventor of the particle accelerator and Mathematician and Astronomer Sir Willaim Rowan Hamilton discoverer of the Hamiltonians and Quaternions.