Sergei Lebedev

Professor of Geophysics
University of Cambridge
Department of Earth Sciences
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Adjunct Professor
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Geophysics Section
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Sergei Lebedev

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The SEA-SEIS Expeditions

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  • Lebedev, S., R. Bonadio, M. Tsekhmistrenko, J.I. de Laat, C.J. Bean. Seafloor seismometers look for clues to North Atlantic volcanism, EOS, 102,, 2021. HTML or PDF.

  • Lebedev, S., R. Bonadio, C. Gómez Garcia, J. I. de Laat, L. Bérdi, B. Chagas de Melo, D. Farrell, D. Stalling, C. Tirel, L. Collins, S. McCarthy, B. O’Donoghue, A. Schwenk, M. Smyth, C. J. Bean, and the SEA-SEIS Team. Education and public engagement using an active research project: the SEA-SEIS North Atlantic Expedition’s programme for Irish schools.
    Geoscience Communication, 2, 143–155,, 2019. HTML or PDF.

  • Qualifications

    2000   Ph.D., Geophysics, Princeton University
    1991   M.Sc., Physics and Geophysics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

    Research interests

    • Development and application of methods for seismic imaging
      • Seismic tomography at regional and global scales, using surface and body waves
      • Waveform inversion
      • Seismic anisotropy
      • Broadband-array seismology
    • Structure and evolution of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle
      • Dynamics of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system
      • Continental deformation
      • Deep mechanisms of continental tectonics and intra-plate volcanism
      • Structure and evolution of cratons
      • Dynamics and evolution of Europe, North Atlantic, North America, Africa, South Atlantic, South America, the Mediterranean, Tibet, East Asia, New Zealand and other regions
    • Integrated seismic, petro-physical and geodynamic numerical modelling and inversion
    • Natural resource assessment and exploration using passive seismic methods
    • Structure and seismicity of Ireland and its offshore